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Introducing a new optical glass for polished lenses: S-LAL61Q achieves industry-leading acid resistance [RA(P)] by powder method with ranges, nd: 1.74 or higher and vd: 50-55.


We are pleased to announce the release of a new optical glass type named S-LAL61Q which has excellent acid resistance by powder method (nd1.74 or higher and νd50-55) and also maintains the mechanical strength of S-LAL61 which has been used for various applications for many years. This new material has the same optical performance (refractive index and Abbe number) as conventional products and is even easier to handle in lens processing. It also has various lens applications, such as in-vehicle cameras, projectors, and interchangeable lenses for photography.

1. Improved chemical durability (compared to conventional products)
Acid resistance by powder method: Grade 3

2. Mechanical strength equivalent to S-LAL61
Knoop hardness: 710[7]



(New Product)


(Current Product)

Eco Optical Glass
Refractive Index nd 1.74100 1.74100
Abbe Number  νd 52.60 52.64


-30~+70℃ 57 57
+100~+300℃ 74 70
Transformation Point Tg(°C) 689 653
Yield Point At(°C) 710 688
Coloring λ80 360 365
λ5 300 280
Chemical Resistance RW(P) 1 1
RA(P) 3 4
W(S) 3 1~2
SR 51.0 51.0
PR 2.0 2.0
Specific Gravity 4.09 4.04
Knoop Hardness Hk 710〔7〕 720〔7〕
Abrasion Aa 66 71
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