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The following features information on the unique qualities of OHARA and its achievements to help investors understand OHARA better.

The following features information on the unique qualities of OHARA and its achievements to help investors understand OHARA better.

OHARA uses 『Outstanding materials that exceed expectations and facilitate our customer’s success.』 is a company.

OHARA is the first Japanese manufacture specializing in the production of optical glass. It was established in 1935 by Jinpachi Ohara who made efforts to further the domestic production of optical glass. Since then, it has contributed to the development of the optical product industry, including cameras, while also expanding its business domain to handle special glass, glass ceramics and quartz glass, among other materials, in the course of pursuing the range of possibilities that glass provides. Through these efforts, it has continued to respond to diverse customer needs.

  • The advantages of OHARA No. 1
    Rich product lines capable of responding to diverse needs
    Designers assume the use of various types of glass in the production of optical products. OHARA therefore has been improving its glass melting technology for high-mix, low-volume production. This technology enables the production of a variety of special glass, including optical glass, using the same melting equipment. This also enables OHARA to tap into niche markets effectively.
  • The advantages of OHARA No.2
    Overwhelmingly superior quality
    OHARA, a pioneer producer of optical glass, has been developing its expertise in quality control and measurement across more than 300 categories. Many of OHARA’s glass products are used in large-scale space and astronomy projects. It also succeeds in providing new glass-related value, such as high homogeneity in quality and low expansion as a result of the in-house development of measurement technologies and the establishment of appropriate quality assurance systems.
  • The advantages of OHARA No.3
    The mindset to continue to take on new challenges
    The startup spirit demonstrated by founder Jinpachi Ohara has been passed down to the current generation. OHARA is good at making minute adjustments to the performance of glass in response to customer needs. In addition, it is willing to proactively take on new challenges to cultivate new markets by highlighting totally new product lines that reflect new possibilities, such as ionic conduction and high hardness, that materials provide.

OHARA’s products contribute to the elevation of lifestyles and cultures, the advancement of new frontiers and the improvement of the global environment.

Users rarely recognize the OHARA name because the company name is not engraved on glass materials. Even so, OHARA’s glass is used in a wide array of applications, include everyday goods and state-of-the-art products used in industries related to space and astronomy and other fields.

The diverse applications for OHARA products

OHARA’s glass products, which create the future of the optical industry, are used not only in digital equipment including digital cameras and LCD projectors, but also as lens materials for medical cameras and other optical equipment including microscopes, copy machines, automotive cameras, artificial satellites and high-precision telescopes. In the electronics industry, optical communications equipment, mobile devices, and other products incorporate OHARA glass products.

  • Digital camera
    Digital camera
  • endoscope
  • Automotive
  • microscope
  • Observatory
  • Measuring equipment
    Measuring equipment
  • Semiconductor

Aiming to achieve further growth to maintain its leading position.

OHARA has been growing for many years while contributing to the development of the optical industry in Japan. Going forward, it seeks to further develop new markets. Initially, it will focus on three areas, the mobile, mobility and battery business areas and continue to develop a new future through the implementation of cross-functional projects on a Group-wide basis.

  • Optical Business Policy
    Tapping into new demand for optical glass by providing solutions to customers.
  • Electronics Business Policy
    Focusing on cutting-edge materials and promoting NANOCERAMTM and LICGCFTM
  • smartphone
    With environments being established for the introduction of the next generation of communications technologies, it was expected that electrical conductors based on materials other than metals would be developed for smartphone casings. OHARA’s NANOCERAMTM is a transparent, hard glass ceramics mix that simultaneously satisfies the need for reducing the fragility of glass, a notable disadvantage, and improves processability. We will continue to promote the product to ensure it is adopted in smartphone casings
  • automotive cameras
    Given the progress of technological innovation in automated driving, it is expected that camera lenses which act as automated systems’ eyes use glass featuring drastically different, new features. OHARA has developed optical glass for automotive camera lenses ahead of its competitors and is in the process of enhancing its lineup.
  • battery
    Amid the progress being made in automobile electrification to mitigate global warming, expectations are growing for the improvement of battery performance. OHARA’s LICGCTM is a solid that conducts lithium ions, and therefore can be used as an electrolyte in an all-solid-state battery, the most promising type of next generation battery, and as a cathode additive that improves the performance of currently available liquid lithium ion batteries.


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