Working Environment

Let us introduce our daily working environment and g;lass art works.

Let us introduce our daily working environment and g;lass art works.

Headquarters Responsible for OHARA

The head office, the core of glass manufacturing.

In addition to communication among employees, we aim at the offices that connect to the outside world, increasing opportunities for each employee to come into contact with new information and tackle new issues. We aim to achieve further growth by promoting the creation of new ideas and innovations.

  • Head Office Appearance
    Head Office Appearance

    On the sunny day, the blue sky is reflected in the front glass of the headquarters building and looks like a curtain of blue sky.

  • Entrance

    The open entrance produced in white welcome visitors

  • Reception Room
    Reception Room

    Soft sunlight shines into the calm space based on beige.

  • Conference Room
    Conference Room

    The conference room with a solid table based on dark colors is mainly used for executive meetings and visitors.

  • Conference Room
    Conference Room

    The meeting room, with its blue chairs, is used for various meetings and in-house training, and is a place to exchange important opinions among employees.

  • Diorama

    The diorama was produced for CEATEC 2019 and represents the connection between our product and Society 5.0 in the near future.

  • Cafeteria

    The cafeteria, where more than 400 employees can meet together, supports the employees’ stomachs not only by the standard menu but by daily set meals.

  • Factory

    The factory of OHARA Headquarters, newly established in 1944 in Sagamihara City, supports the foundation of OHARA.

Art Works

The headquarters building, which was completed in January 2007, is equipped with art works that have taken on new challenges, using our decorative glass as a “unprecedented way to show and use” our glass.We would like to introduce the art works installed at the head office.

  • Logo

    Our glass drops are stuffed inside the logo and the blue LEDs add color. During the day, it will shine in the light and greet the visitors.

  • Reception

    Looking into the glass counter from directly above, the gradation-colored LEDs shine and create a fantastic atmosphere in the evening.

  • Bench

    A chic bench made of clear glass settle into the entrance and welcome the visitors.

  • Hole

    The LED is reflected on the bubbles inside the glass, and the warm LED gives warm impression in winter and the cool LED gives cool impression in summer.

  • Sign

    The OHARA logo is engraved on large and thick glass, which is OHARA’s specialty. It is an art work that has a beautiful contrast with the fresh green that can be seen through.

  • Table

    The glass tables placed at the entrance are all made of OHARA, and shine when receive sunlight from the window.


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