Ohara group seeks every possibility of the glass and leads technology for top quality and
advanced material, aims at people�s dream and realization of affluent future society.
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Optical products
Optical products   OHARA optical glass serves as the cornerstone of advanced optical systems and is widely used in digital devices such as digital cameras, cellular camera phones and LCD projectors. Our leading edge materials are also used in optical devices such as microscopes and astronomical telescopes.
New Glass Types

Information Products
Information Products   OHARA has utilized our experience and extensive knowledge from our production of optical glass to develop innovative special glass ceramic materials for a variety of applications,components for use in LCD microlithography, substrates for WDM / optical communication filters, and substrates for precision measurement equipment. In addition, OHARA is developing Lithium-ion Conductive Glass-ceramics, which is suitable for various solid electrolytes.
Glass for Art  New Products

Measurement Service
Measurement Service   We are offering measurement and analysis services on characteristic of optical materials. We are accumulating various high technique regarding those measurement and analysis. Especially, super precision refractive index measurement receive excellent reputations from the customers.

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