Quality Assurance

We will maintain our corporate DNA, the “pursuit of the highest quality,” we confidently supply world-class new materials to our customers.

We will maintain our corporate DNA, the “pursuit of the highest quality,” we confidently supply world-class new materials to our customers.

Quality assurance efforts

OHARA, propelled by its corporate DNA, the “pursuit of the highest quality”, we provide products and services that satisfy our customers and confidently develop and produce world-class new materials. Precision and homogeneity are the two characteristics most strictly required from optical and special glass. It means that their physical and optical properties must meet the design requirements and there must be no discrepancies among the same products.
All of the processes, including mixing of raw materials, cullet melting and preparation, continuous melting, pressing, cold working, annealing, product inspection, shipping and quality checks performed by internal staff and our partners across diverse production processes, have allowed us to develop management techniques that are among the best in the world. We focus our meticulous attention and efforts on maintaining and improving these techniques.

Quality Policy


To persistently pursue the highest quality, help build the future for society through untiring technological innovation and achieve continued development to become a company that has existed for 100 years, all OHARA staff members engage in business activities dedicated to providing satisfaction to customers in accordance with the following policy.


– Customer trust and satisfaction
Our common quality goal across all of our diverse products and services is to secure the trust and satisfaction of our customers.
– Understanding customers needs
To provide products and services that gain customer trust and satisfaction, we start by fully understanding our customers’ needs and ensure they are shared with all concerned, including our partners.
– Establishment and continuous improvement of quality management systems
To unfailingly implement our quality policies and meet the quality goals we have set, we establish, maintain and continuously improve quality management systems.
– Refining quality
We elaborately refine quality in all stages of product planning, design and production.
– The OHARA Quality Policy is shared with all related parties and disclosed to public.

November 1, 2019.
President Chief Executive Officer
Hirokazu Saito


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