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Introducing a new optical glass type: S-LAH99W, an improved transmittance version of S-LAH99


We are pleased to announce the release of a new optical glass type named S-LAH99W, which has improved internal transmittance in the 360 – 550 nm range while maintaining the high refractive index (Nd 2.001), low specific gravity and excellent polishing characteristics of S-LAH99. This new industry-leading, high index, glass provides an exciting new choice for optical designers and is very well suited for use in applications such Augmented Reality waveguides and other devices.


(Internal Transmittance Curve)


(New Product)

Eco Optical Glass
Refractive Index nd 2.00100
Abbe Number νd 29.14

(10-7 K-1)

-30~+70℃ 75
+100~+300℃ 88
Transformation Point Tg  Tg(℃) 725
Yield Point At At(℃) 761
Coloring λ70 405
λ5 360
Chemical Resistance RW(P) 1
RA(P) 1
W(S) 1
SR 2.0
PR 1.0
Specific Gravity 5.02
Knoop Hardness Hk 720〔7〕
Abrasion Aa 55
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(Please consult us about product form of supply, available shapes, sizes and tolerances.)