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We are pleased to announce S-NBM52 optical glass for polished lenses, effective for chromatic aberration correction.


S-NBM52 is an optical glass for polished lenses with higher dispersion while maintaining the same anomalous dispersion as S-NBM51, which has been used for a long time.
It is expected to be effective in correcting chromatic aberration of optical lenses, thereby improving the performance of customers’ products. We propose S-NBM52 as an optical component that can be used for general-purpose applications such as interchangeable lenses for various cameras, projectors, and machine vision devices.


1. S-NBM51 is highly dispersed in the nearby low refractive index region while maintaining Δθg,F
2. Lower specific gravity compared to S-NBM51
d = 2.86


(New Product)

Eco Optical Glass
Refractive Index nd 1.62205
Abbe Number νd 41.08
Partial dispersion θg,F 0.5690
anomalous dispersion Δθg,F -0.0060

(10-7 K-1)

-30~+70℃ 74
+100~+300℃ 87
Transformation Point Tg  Tg(℃) 584
Yield Point At At(℃) 645
Coloring λ80 355
λ5 320
Chemical Resistance RW(P) 1
RA(P) 1
W(S) 3
SR 1.0
PR 1.0
Specific Gravity 2.86
Knoop Hardness Hk 540〔5〕
Abrasion Aa 120
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