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Products and Service
Forms of Supply

Raw Glass

Strip Glass Strips are made by drawing glass out of a continuous flow furnace. Strips are rectangular in shape, have slightly rippled fire-polished surfaces, (unworked) and are flame cut to required lengths. The corners are radiused. Strips are coarse or fine annealed. This is the least expensive form of supply.

Thickness 15 ~ 40mm Width and Length 50 ~ 200mm
  Raw Glass

Pressings (Reheat Pressings (RP))

Reheat or hand pressings (RP) are blanks formed by manually pressing softened glass. We urge the customer to specify the following:

1 ) Diameter (including grinding stock)
2 ) Center Thickness (including grinding stock)
3 ) Radii of curvature
4 ) Glass quality (striae, bubble, etc.)
5 ) Bevel
Dimensional tolerances are given in Table 1.
  Pressings (Reheat Pressings (RP))

Table 1 (Unit : mm)
by Outer Diameter(D)
of Pressing
Outer & Inner Diameter
(Tolerance Range)
Cener Thickness
(Tolerance Range)
D≤Φ18 ±0.1(0.2) ±0.5(1.0)
Φ18<D≤Φ30 ±0.15(0.3) ±0.40(0.8)
Φ30<D≤Φ50 ±0.2(0.4) ±0.3(0.6)
Φ50<D≤Φ70 ±0.3(0.6) ±0.3(0.6)
Φ70<D≤Φ100 ±0.3(0.6) ±0.4(0.8)
Φ100<D≤Φ150 ±0.4(0.8) ±0.4(0.8)
Φ150<D≤Φ200 ±0.5(1.0) ±0.5(1.0)
Φ200<D≤Φ250 ±0.6(1.2) ±0.7(1.4)

Saw cut Centerless Ground Cylindrical Blanks

These blanks are cut from a precisely ground rod formed on a center less grinding machine.
This process is very useful for making lenses that:

1 ) are small in diameter but quite thick.
2 ) are small in diameter with shallow radii.
3 ) are such that the precise blank dimension can eliminate lens centering operations.
4 ) can utilize precision spot blocks.

Diameter range of these blanks is 3 mm to 20 mm and the dimensional tolerances are given

Table 2 (Unit : mm)
Product Size Diameter Thickness
Φ3~20 ±0.015 ±0.15
  Saw cut Centerless Ground Cylindrical Blanks

Cut Blanks, Polished Blanks and the other

Cut discs, cut rectangles, and cut prisms are blanks that are cut or core drilled from annealed strips or slabs. These forms are generally specified when delivery is urgent and quantities are small.   Cut Blanks, Polished Blanks and the other

High Homogeneity Glasses

OHARA utilizes our leading edge technology to provide high homogeneity blanks in various glass types. Interferograms indicating the homogeneity of these blanks are typically provided with each shipment.   High Homogeneity Glasses

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Products and Service
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