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New Glass Types


S-NPH5 is an optical glass featuring excellent transmission, high refractive index, and high dispersion. With transmittance similar to S-TIH53W and refractive index higher than S-NPH1, S-NPH5 can be used in products such as interchangeable lenses, zoom lenses, and projectors. We are pleased to introduce S-NPH5 optical glass with these unique properties to provide design flexibility for optical systems requiring high transmission.

Eco Optical Glass
Refractive Index nd 1.85896
Abbe Number νd 22.73
-30~70°C 76
+100~300°C 84
Transformation Point Tg(°C) 609
Yield Point At(°C) 651
Coloring λ70 400
λ5 370
Chemical ResistanceRW(P) 1
RA(P) 1
W(S) 1
SR 1.0
PR 1.0
Specific Gravity 3.71
Knoop Hardness Hk 470[5]
Abrasion Aa 224
Detail Catalog DATA PDF
Available shapes •pressing
•saw cut center-less
groundcylindrical blanks
•cut blanks

Please consult us about available size and tolerance.

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