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Products and Service
Forms of Supply

Polished Ball

Polished Ball   This product services a broad range of uses from telecommunications to imaging. We respond to our customer’s demands for Polished Balls with low cost, excellent quality and high volume production. The outer diameters can range from less than 1mm to greater than 10mm, and can be used for various applications. Our typical diameter tolerance is +/-5µm.

Reheat Pressing And Saw Cut Centerless Ground Cylindrical Blanks

Reheat Pressing   These forms of supply can be used to provide blanks, including radii, that are near net shape to the finished lens dimensions. These blanks can incorporate a convex radius and are suitable for large diameter lens blanks that may be beyond the diameter size range of our Polished Balls or Fine Gobs. Pressed Blanks and Saw Cut Centerless Ground Cylindrical Blanks can be produced in various sizes and shapes and we will maintain the same quality control and specifications shown in our optical glass catalog.
Saw Cut Centerless Ground Cylindrical Blanks
  Diameter(mm) Diameter Tolerance(mm) Thickness Tolerance(mm)
Pressing Φ8.0~Φ100.0 ±0.1~±0.6 ±0.3~±0.7
Cylindrical Blanks Φ2.5~Φ20 ±0.02 ±0.2
*As the range of dimensions and shapes can change depending on the glass type, please contact us with your specific requirements.

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Products and Service
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