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Development Glass Types


The composition of L-LAH85, a general-purpose glass material for molded small aspherical lenses of digital cameras, has been optimized for improved molding workability, while maintaining ndd.
We recommend L-LAH85V as a material that can be molded at temperatures lower than L-LAH85, with shorter molding tact time and higher compatibility with separation film (protective film) of metallic molds (based on results obtained by our company).

  L-LAH85V L-LAH85
Eco Optical Glass
Refractive Index nd 1.85400 1.85400
Abbe Number νd 40.4
-30~70°C 62 65
+100~300°C 75 78
Transformation Point Tg(°C) 615 614
Yield Point At(°C) 656 659
Coloring λ70 380 375
λ5 340 330
Chemical ResistanceRW(P) 1 1
RA(P) 3 2
W(S) 3 4
SR 4.2 2.2
PR 1.0 1.0
Specific Gravity 5.25 5.09
Knoop Hardness Hk 690[7] 650[7]
Abrasion Aa 58 65
Detail Catalog DATA During the data acquisition PDF
Available shapes •pressing
•saw cut center-less
groundcylindrical blanks
•polished ball
•cut blanks
•saw cut center-less
groundcylindrical blanks
•polished ball
•cut blanks

Please note that the physical properties may change, since they are data obtained during development.
Please consult us about available size and tolerance.

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