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Glass-ceramic Substrate for DWDM Thin-Film Filter (WMS-15)
WMS-15 has improved internal transmittance and will work beneficially in making DWDM thin-film filters with less insertion loss, which leads to the use in filter production for wide wavelength.   WMS(R)-15


Material TypeGlass-ceramics
Specific Gravity 2.50
Young's Modulus(GPa)96
Vickers Hardness 800
Heat Resistance(°C)650
Thermal Conductivity(W/(m·K))1.9
CTE-30~70°C (10-7/K)114
Water ResistanceRW(P)JOGIS1
Acid ResistanceRA(P)JOGIS1
Internal Transmittance1550nm 1mmt(%)99.9
Refractive Index1550nm1.524
dn/dT-30~70°C (10-6/K)-2.1
* CTE=114 x10-7/K(-30~70°C): Standard material, Please consult us with higher CTE requirements.
* All properties are measured at room temperature except for CTE and dn/dT.
* Refractive Index and dn/dT is calculated value.
* Properties subject to change along development.
Available ProductsPolished Substrate ( 1- 12inch )

Edge Chipping Photo Pictures

left:Glass right:WMS(R)-15
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