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Lithium-ion Conducting Glass-ceramics  (LICGC)

LICGC serves as a solid electrolyte in advanced batteries

The demo unit shown was powered by a primary Li / Air cell using LICGC.
Ohara would like to acknowledge and thank PolyPlus Battery Company for their development and continued advancement of lithium metal batteries.

1.LICGCmembranes have superior properties and environmental characteristics.



Polished Plates
Suitable for R & D projects which require higher strength and dimensional accuracy.


Tape Cast & Sintered Plates
Suitable for development projects that could lead to higher volume mfg.


With superior material properties, LICGCTM provides opportunities for improved performance in products such as:.

·Next-generation lithium ion battery electrolyte
·CO2 Sensor
·Capacitor for the next-generation
·Lithium ion collection technology in seawater
·Other electrochemical devices

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