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Explanation For Table of i-Line Glasses

By using constants of dispersion formula on the catalog table, refractive indices for any wavelength between 326 to 1129nm can be calculated. When calculating refractive indices for any wavelength between 1129 and 2325nm, please refer to following table.

The constants of dispersion (1129-2325nm)
  S-FPL51Y   BAL35Y   PBL25Y   PBM8Y
A17.65663766E-01 A1 1.09972335E+00 A11.29915001E+00 A1 1.33265695E+00
A24.51879777E-01 A23.87872537E-01 A21.44676555E-01 A2 1.51642865E-01
A31.13199134E+00 A31.11247378E+00 A31.00019303E+00 A3 1.00238959E+00
B13.48152533E-03 B15.82303457E-03 B19.67218844E-03 B1 1.00208464E-02
B21.28720516E-02 B21.88745144E-02 B24.65408008E-02 B2 4.78779669E-02
B32.14351131E+02 B31.08214962E+02 B31.20780522E+02 B3 1.19439670E+02
  S-FSL5Y   BSM51Y   PBL26Y   PBM18Y
A18.79731455E-01 A11.12268320E+00 A11.27520167E+00 A1 1.32558993E+00
A23.08634219E-01 A24.07804849E-01 A21.28823528E-01 A2 1.57859674E-01
A31.02136885E+00 A31.16161178E+00 A31.01138010E+00 A3 1.03396744E+00
B14.90947559E-03 B15.79521544E-03 B19.37656096E-03 B1 1.01008566E-02
B21.57419667E-02 B21.91303182E-02 B24.58001584E-02 B2 4.74276657E-02
B31.11412218E+02 B31.11113962E+02 B31.23589724E+02 B3 1.23686168E+02
  BSL7Y   PBL1Y   PBL35Y   
A11.01218580E+00 A11.23587282E+00 A1 1.31884698E+00   
A22.58122629E-01 A21.14028206E-01 A2 1.25014653E-01
A31.13916089E+00 A39.21822183E-01 A3 2.15794324E-01
B15.66358122E-03 B18.98302029E-03 B1 1.01474939E-02
B21.96285352E-02 B24.39009973E-02 B2 4.81636043E-02
B31.12904303E+02 B31.14338154E+02 B3 2.85517448E+01
  BAL15Y   PBL6Y   PBM2Y   
A11.18261390E+00 A11.20208094E+00 A1 1.37920265E+00   
A22.03921973E-01 A21.02467101E-01 A2 1.74908080E-01
A31.11763340E+00 A31.01797415E+00 A3 9.72480533E-01
B16.85280751E-03 B18.49251346E-03 B1 1.06616552E-02
B22.50893634E-02 B24.19306973E-02 B2 4.96089256E-02
B31.24101415E+02 B31.22687120E+02 B3 1.16926659E+02
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