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Fiber Glasses For Light Guide
OHARA offers core and clad glasses for light guide fiber. They have high transmittance and high chemical durability. The materials are supplied in rod or cullet form.  
Core Glasses
Glass TypeSF2FPBM2YBSM51Y  
Optical PropertiesProperties Index nd1.6471.6201.603 
Abbe Number νd33.836.360.6 
Coloring(λ805)Reference Value 350/330 345/320 325/290  
Thermal PropertiesCTE  α(10-7/K)
+100 - +300°C
Chemical PropertiesWater Resistance RW(P)222 
Acid Resistance RA(P)214 
Weather Resisitance W(S)1-213 
Acid Resistance  SR2.21.051.2 
Phosphate Resistance PR-2.02.2 
Clad Glasses
Glass TypeKD1KD3KD6S-BSL7
Optical PropertiesRefractive Index nd1.5201.5101.5101.516
Abbe Number νd59.359.662.564.1
Coloring (λ805)Refelence Value 325/280 335/290 320/275 330/285
Thermal PropertiesCTE  α(10-7/K)
+100 - +300°C
Chemical PropertiesWater Resistance RW(P)2312
Acid Resistance RA(P)1111
Weather Resisitance W(S)2121-2
Acid Resistance  SR1.
Phosphate Resistance PR2.0-1.02.0

*Above properties subject to change along development.
*Please inform specifications of us when you place order.


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