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Split glass
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It looks like a jewel. If it have many surface it would brightened.   Split glass

Technical Description

Glass typeTransparency glass
CharacteristicsThe surface shaved such as rock. The size is outline, because there are making one by one.
Please consult us about the surface condition and shape.
Available size (mm)Please inform us before your order.
Others Please consult us.

Production example

Split glass
Size:About φ100, Φ80(mm)

Split glass

Zoomed up the left photo picture.
Split glass   The shape has been processed like a "Rock-ice".
Size can vary a bit, as these products are hand-made.
Split glass

  The shape is like mountain range, It was shaved rough and possible for character digging on the surface.

Split glass   If the lighting is applied from the under, it become such feeling.


Glass typeSpecific gravityYoung's modulus
(×108 N/m2)
CTE αRoom
temp/High temp
(×10 N/m-7/°C)
PBL26Y 3.10 58989/100

*PBM2Y may not be available because of production schedule.
*Room temp:-30°C>+70°C
*High Temp:+100°C>+300°C
If you like crystal glass or the other glass, Please consult us.



Our products are not for eating.

  • Our products are durable for the impact by simple droplet. However it may break in case there is some damage on them. Therefore careful handling is required.
  • Please do not give rapid change in temperature to our products since they are mostly not made of thermally durable or strengthened glasses.
  • Annealing for stress removal may be needed if our products are to be reprocessed drastically as lasses may have some internal stress.
  • Please do not scrub the surface of our products for cleaning with sponges, brushes, etc which contains polishing abrasives. Cleaning with neutral detergent and water is recommended.
  • A long-term disposure to water may create heavy stain on our products. If the stain is not removed by cleaning, replacement or professional maintenance may be needed.
  • Please follow instructions by your local government for treatment of lead containing sludge, wasting water etc, in case you process lead doped glasses.
  • Usage of our products with your awareness that "they are made of glass" is appreciated.
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