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Opal Rock
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Glass color is very tenderness and beautiful. It’s a good for indoor decoration, besides outdoor monument too.   Opal Rock

Technical Description

Glass typeE6
CharacteristicsOpal color and low CTE
Available size (mm)Small bulk:
average 100×100×150mm
Large bulk: f1100×700mmt
Others Please consult us




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Glass typeSpecific gravity Young's modulus
(×108 N/m2)
CTE αRoom
temp/High temp
(×10 N/m-7/°C)

*Range of CTE.
*Room temp:-30°C>+70°C
*High Temp:+100°C>+300°C
If you like crystal glass or the other glass, Please consult us.



Our products are not for eating.

  • Our products are durable for the impact by simple droplet. However it may break in case there is some damage on them. Therefore careful handling is required.
  • Please do not give rapid change in temperature to our products since they are mostly not made of thermally durable or strengthened glasses.
  • Annealing for stress removal may be needed if our products are to be reprocessed drastically as lasses may have some internal stress.
  • Please do not scrub the surface of our products for cleaning with sponges, brushes, etc which contains polishing abrasives. Cleaning with neutral detergent and water is recommended.
  • A long-term disposure to water may create heavy stain on our products. If the stain is not removed by cleaning, replacement or professional maintenance may be needed.
  • Please follow instructions by your local government for treatment of lead containing sludge, wasting water etc, in case you process lead doped glasses.
  • Usage of our products with your awareness that "they are made of glass" is appreciated.

Glass for Art

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