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Dividend policy
The Company's basic dividend policy is to steadily and continuously return profits to its shareholders while building the necessary retained earnings to strengthen its management base and to ensure future business expansion. Under this policy, the Company is committed to returning profits to its shareholders in line with its operating results in the future by taking into account the dividend payout ratio and the ratio of dividends to net assets on a consolidated basis.
The Company has determined in its Articles of Incorporation that it may distribute interim dividends from surplus based on the record date, April 30 every year, as set out in Paragraph 5 of Article 454 of the Companies Act, in addition to the distribution of year-end dividends. The Company, however, has been distributing dividends once a year after examining its annual performance and other factors. The final decision-making organization is a general meeting of shareholders for the year-end dividend, and the Board of Directors for the interim dividend.
The Company intends to apply its internal reserve to improve its financial situation and to develop new businesses to respond to anticipated changes in the management environment in the future.

The data used within this site is compiled from the corporate prospectus and earnings announcements. In the preparation of the various data shown within this site, we make every effort to ensure its accuracy. But despite our best efforts, the possibility for inaccuracy in the data due to reasons beyond our control exists. For more detailed earnings information please click on the "IR Library" link button.
The information contained within this site is not meant to be a solicitation to purchase our shares. We ask any users of our site to refrain from basing any investment decisions upon our Company on the information contained within our site alone.
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Investor Relations
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