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Salutation and Philosophy


Since its founding in 1935, our Company has established itself as a manufacturer specializing in optical glass, contributing to the growth of Japan’s optical industry by developing and supplying optical materials that meet the needs of the time. Today, we maintain the leading share of the optical glass market.
OHARA’s optical glass brings out the best in light, and are used as lens blanks for digital cameras and other optical instruments and digital devices to create images with greater vividness and higher definition.
  President Hirokazu Saito
Hirokazu   Saito

In the long history of optical glass, various compounds have been tried and extensive types of glass have been developed to obtain the optical characteristics (refractive index, dispersion, permeability ratio) in demand.
From a very early stage, OHARA has focused on the ecological aspects of its optical glass, based on a vision of protecting the global environment and using resources effectively. We currently provide most of our optical products in ECO OPTICAL GLASS. We develop and supply in diverse performance variations and shapes low Tg glass boasting impressive quality and performance as the optimum material for the pre-forming lens used in pressing molded small aspherical lenses. We are also pursuing new possibilities in glass, based on our strengths in developing methods of forming optical materials and in manufacturing technology. Using cutting-edge technologies in controlling crystallization, we develop and supply ultra low expansion glass-ceramics as a key, functional material in a wide range of fields such as electronics, to be used for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and liquid crystal exposure devices. We continue to expand our business horizons.

Our Company has recently introduced the OHARA Group Long-term Vision 2020. The values we pursue in this long-term vision statement are contributing to the future of society and humanity, responding to change, practicing management that respects people and encourages personal development, insisting on the highest quality that inherits the OHARA DNA, supplying the global market with innovative materials that embody our development skills in materials, and achieving the value that our clients demand. In operational terms, we will began a business in the environment and energy in addition to our core optical business and electronics business, and we seek to contribute as a corporate citizen to improving the global environment. We are committed to creating technology with the highest quality and developing innovative materials, and we will be a “Dream Fulfillment Company” that constantly strives to realize dreams and create a prosperous future.

We are committed to achieving further growth for the OHARA Group and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders. We ask for your continued support and advice.
Hirokazu   Saito

Management Philosophy

The OHARA Group is honored to keep on creating unique and new values in order to establish a strong company structure for its employees'  happiness and for the prosperity of the society.


Vision Statement

With high aspirations for contributing to the improvement of mankind through technological advances, we will provide high quality, cutting-edge materials for use in the optical, electronics, and environmental / energy fields worldwide. Working closely with our customers, we will constantly pursue innovation and become the “Dream Fulfillment Company”.


OHARA's philosophy based on our corporate principles

To carry out our "companies social responsibility", OHARA will act on the following principles

  1. Sincere activities:
    We will endeavor to develop and provide useful products and services for the benefit of humanity, and to gain the satisfaction and trust of our customers.
    To achieve this goal, we will observe all laws and regulations. We will respect the culture, customs, and traditions of local societies.
    We will conduct socially suitable corporate activity through fair, transparent competition, and  business dealings.
  2. Harmony with society:
    We will maintain proper company activities so that a harmony with local and international societies can be sustained.
    As "a good corporate citizen", OHARA is determined to contribute to society.
  3. Disclosure of information:
    To secure the understanding and support from society, we are prepared to maintain a dialogue with the community and, if necessary, to make our company information public.
  4. Environmental protection:
    We cherish our one precious earth. In all phases of our company activities the preservation of our environment is strongly emphasized.
    We strive to accomplish this through independent and positive activities.
  5. Employee respect:
    The human rights and individual personalities of our employees will be observed and protected.
    Comfortable working conditions must be arranged.
    Through an open and fair atmosphere in our work place, we will be able to create solid corporate principles.
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