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Research And Development

For the past to the present, and for the next and future generations.

Since our establishment in 1935 as a specialized producer of optical glasses, OHARA has been a major contributor to the development of Japan's industries. At the time of our 50th anniversary in 1985, OHARA future dedicated itself to becoming a world leader in the manufacturing of key materials that corresponded to a diverse and advancing information society. We concentrated on the research and development that would enable us to become a valued supplier for these advanced technologies and services utilized in optoelectronic and electronic field.

The development of ecological optical glasses, glass ceramics for Hard Disk Drives, ultra low expansion glass ceramics, and other multi function specialized glasses is the results of OHARA relentlessly pursuing every possibility that glass has to offer. With future generations in mind, OHARA continually strives to be a company who supports state of the art technologies.
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