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193510OHARA Optical Glass Mfg. Co. Ltd. was established in Kamata, Tokyo as Jinpachi OHARA's private enterprise.
193611Optical Glass Melting started
19442Reorganized as a Joint-Stock Company.
Sagamihara factory was built.
19545Platinum Pot Melting started
19584Production of Lanthanum Glass started
195911Appointed Chicago Aerial Industries(CAI) as an export agency
19611Production of Strip Glass by Continuous Melting Method started
196210Acquisition of stock of Ashigara Optical Incorporated(Kaisei-cho, Ashigara Kami Gun,Kanagawa)
196510Continuous Melting and Direct Pressing Production Method started
19671CAI was mergedinto bourns Inc. Bourns optical Glass was appointed as a distributor in U.S.A and Europe
19697 OHARA Glass reached the moon (Apollo 11)
19758Production of Low Refractive Index - Low Dispersion Glass "FK01" Started
19765Production of Glass Beads started
19792Direct Pressing with Lanthanum Glasses started
19795Production of Penta Prism by Direct Pressing started
19818 Ohara Corporation (USA) was established
19823OHARA Glass flew into the universe with Space-Shuttle "Columbia"
19833Volume Production of High Homogeneity Glasses started (±0.5∼±1.0X10-6)
19855 New Company Name "OHARA INC." introduced
19869 TAIWAN-OHARA OPTICAL CO., LTD. (Taiwan) was established
19873 Production of High UV (365nm) Transmittance Glass started
19875 OHARA Precision Corporation (Japan) was established
19886Volume Production of Aspherical Molded Lens Blanks started
19888Production of  "Glass -Ceramics" started
19899 Introduction of 18" Interferometer (Zygo Mark IV)
19901 OHARA GmbH (Germany) was established
199010New Glass Type Desination System started
19919Production of "Eco-Optical Glass" started
199110Production of "Crystallized Beads" started
199111OHARA OPTICAL(M)SDN.BHD. (Malaysia) was established
199112Introduction of Super Precision Spectrometer
19921 T.Q.C.(Total Quality control) was introduced
19923 OHARA Measurement Service started
19933Production of Ultra Low Expansion Glass started
19936Production of "Fine Gob (FG) for precision glass molding" started
199411Production of Glass Ceramics for Hard Disk Substrates started
199511Starting of ACTIVE-21 movement
19965OHARA DISK(M)SDN.BHD. (Malaysia) was established
199610 OHARA Hard Disk Division was ISO9002 Qualified
19973All 112 Recommended Glass Types were switched to Eco-Glasses
19976Production of  "Glass Disk for Flying Height Tester (GD-FHT) " started
199710Optical Glass Div. and Special Glass Div. were ISO9002 Qualified
19984 All OHARA Products got ISO9001 Qualified
199810Production of "Light High Refractive Index Eye-Glass " started
19997Production of "Glass Substrates for DWDM " started
20001Production of "Low Photoelastic Glass" started
20004 OHARA got  ISO14001 Qualified
200010Measurement service for refractive indices at Vacuum UV region started
200111UNIQUE OHARA OPTICAL CO., LTD. (China) was established
20025OHARA OPTICAL (HONG KONG) LTD.(China) was established
20026Large-scale Continuous Melting started
200212OHARA OPTICAL (ZHONGSHAN) LTD. (China) was established
200411"Production Renovation" was introduced
200510Listing on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
2006 7 Became a member of "Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)"
2006 11 Production of "Eco-Glasses for optical fiber (for endoscope)" started
2007 1 Headquarters building completed
2007 2 Production of "Low- fluorescence Glasses (for microscope)" started
2007 5 2-for-1 stock split
2007 9 OHARA Glass mounted the Lunar Orbit Explorer "KAGUYA (SELENE)"
2008 3 Acquisition of own shares
2008 7 Ohara Quartz Co.,Ltd. was established
2011 3 NHG-OHARA OPTICS(XIANGYANG)CO.,LTD.(China) was established
2012 3 Taiwan Ohara Optical Material Co., Ltd.(Taiwan) was established
2014 2 Withdrawal from the business of glass-ceramics for HDDs, the Group.
2015 12 Shock Resistance and High Hardness Clear Glass-ceramics “NANOCERAM” has released.
2015 12 Non-Browning Optical Glass has released.
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